Were is Aroha?

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One thought on “Were is Aroha?

  1. Kia ora Aroha,

    Congratulations on finding Mrs Taylor. Did you find it difficult locating her?

    I managed to find you in all three slides but I will admit it was a challenge. You hid yourself so well and there was another bitmoji that looked very similar to you which tricked me a bit. Imagine if you did a whole slide of bitmojis that looked like you. That would make it super tough wouldn’t it. The thing that helped me was the fact you were wearing blue glasses. I kept my eyes peeled for those blue glasses.

    Please remember to include a description. A description is really important, it gives people visiting your blog an insight into what you are doing, why you are doing and how you did it. You never know who you might teach something to with your detailed descriptions.

    It’s not too late to post some Summer Learning Journey activities. The last day for activities is Sunday.


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